Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stairway to heaven

I'm watching Traffic. I love Soderbergh's movies but I find this one so well-made, so well thought. I can't help thinking about Morocco. Drugs, like coke and ecstasy, have more and more fans. I talked yesterday for a moment with somebody who spent quite some time immersed in an environment he was never supposed to know. I mean, in Morocco, families are quite careful about where the kids go and who with. Obviously, the "busy parents" or "cool parents" side is taking over. The guy, let's call him Amine, saw kids of 15 years old sniffing coke, buying grams for 1000 dh (100 bucks) and diving into a new trip. According to him, we're not only talking about kids going to French or American schools but also public schools.
What's wrong?
I've seen haschisch all my life, everywhere, but I've never been even tempted to try. Education you say? Well, even if I had been tempted, it's candy compared to ecstasy or coke.
Kids are bored. Kids are lost. Parents are worse.
How can a 15 years old regularly get a hundred bucks to buy drugs? Do parents realize? The guy, who recovered from a bad, bad trip, said dealers started to sell half-grams for 50 bucks to make the merchandise accessible to all. In Traffic, the anti-drug leader discovers that his own daughter is an addict. Depressing. Awakening.


Amine said...

It's all desperately true...

I posted some time ago a comment on a post by Lady_M about this: check it out: (number #3)

Flying_Monkeys said...

Unfortunately having kids today is way much more difficult than 20-30 years ago. I was born in a secluded environment, no drugs, no alcohol. Our only hobby as children of the neighborhood was to play some soccer in the street!
Now both parents and kids are so irresponsible. Non chalence complete!
It get's me wonder whether I really want to have kids or just keep spoiling my two cats! :-))

Smoke said...

Drugs are just bad, you should try to use Herbal Alternatives as a temporary replacement to loose the dependance!