Sunday, May 13, 2007

One year ago, déjà

One year ago, I ran out of my house, in high heels. I was late, as usual. I missed the bus. I was late. I started watching for a cab. No cabs. But a familiar face in a car passing by. EMILIAAAAA. Here I am, in her car, smiling to her parents. We're late.

Everybody's already here. Apart from Josef maybe, but that's not a surprise. Everybody's here and it seems like a normal day. But it's our day. And we can afford being silly, smiling too much, teasing each other. Yeah, we're grown-ups in caps and gowns. We're done. We did it. We're done and only a happy few know where they will be the week after. But jealousy can wait.

Cameras flashing everywhere. We're the stars today. We're gonna change this world, make your news, make you smile, make you dance, make you scream, make you cry in front of your TV. You're gonna read us on your way to work, stuck between an old Chinese lady and a huge bouncer, in the subway. You will look for the bylines, envy the reporter who spent one week at the Moulin Rouge just to give you the scoop. We will be brave for you. We will be merciless for you. We'll fight, we'll call, re-call, ask, re-ask, insist, just to give you the little extra.

But for now, we're taking one more picture, one more smile. My TV class is the best. There's no doubt for me. I can't help thinking that, for our instructors, it's just one more class. But, come on, aren't we special, aren't we the funniest, the wit, the ugly, the cool?

I don't look at pictures that much.The ones that count are in my thoughts and in my emails. One year. It seems like childhood.


othman said...

Commencements are always magic... Keep on rockin the news girl :-)

Kaoutar said...

Here's a huge one-year-old hug with Congrats!

"Keep on rocking the news", but 7awli 3la 2M :P


Kaoutar said...

Naj!! I have to admit! I watched the video only after I posted my first comment!

U ROCK GIRL!!!! (and to *** with 2M :D:D)

Hey but tell me, whose that voice that called Najlae? Sounds Moroccan! :P
(Euuuh have I just made a "made in Morocco" tberguiga?? :D)

Najlae said...

othman> it was not thaaaat magic (j'avais un éneeeeeurme bouton de fièvre :p )

Kaoutar> n7awel 3lihoum wella yi7awlou 3liya? :D
aji,the voice was not Moroccan but Jordanian (sweetest Jordanian on earth btw).

ML said...


je n'ai pas tout saisi, mais je crois avoir au moins pigé que tu étais une star, que tu étais en retard, que tu avais raté ton car, qu'à partir de ce jour-là tu ne vas plus arrêter ton char, puisque c'est toi qui va désormais nous rapporter tout le bazard, les joies, les peines de ce monde et surtout ses tares, que tu le feras même si tu dois mener la bagarre, voire te dévoiler dans un cabaret, mais pas, bien sûr, dans un bar.
Au fait, te rappelles-tu ce qui s'est passé juste quelques jours après ?
ML...the days after

Kaoutar said...

Hmmmmmmmm une tberguiga ratée!! C'est pas grave, c pas mon point fort en tous cas!! :D Au moins ma khrejtch men l3alam l3arabi :D

Accusé de réception: BIG MOROCCAN HUGS well received with thanks! :D


Loula la nomade said...

Que le temps passe vite, attends ti vas voir, ti vas voir:-) But hey lie is great.
Big mwah

Loula la nomade said...

life désolée life

Fays said...

Awesome and so proud!

These momentums are always unforgettable! :)

Sun Li said...

I loved it :)

Rujun said...

Naj!!! Finally you wrote something I complete understand. Thank you thank you so much :) I miss our jschool days...

Najlae said...

ML, je t'ai déjà dit que tu étais vraiment,mais vraiment fort?
what happened? je sais plus..

Loula, scary how fast it goes. but yeah,it's great,sometimes.

fays & sunli, mwahs xxx

rujun, so happy to know you visit the blog. i don't miss the entire insomnia,chaos and stress, but i certainly do miss you.xoxo