Monday, March 24, 2008

Joubran Trio

La fin du monde est proche. Quand j'entends la voix nasillarde d'Akon reprendre Michael Jackson, je n'ai plus de doute. Quand je vois que la reprise de Jackson par Akon est en tête des charts, je demande clémence. Heureusement, Dieu m'a envoyée trois messagers de Nazareth, qui ont illuminée cette morne journée. A mon grand plaisir, ils seront à Essaouira en juin. Je vous envoie plein de soleil.


GayVisionFromMorocco. said...

على الاقل بالنسبة لي صوت الثلاثي جبران يشغل العقل قبل الاذن ويعطي افق واسع للابداع والتمرد بعيدا عن الشوائب

Najlae said...

Gay vision from Morocco>
بالفعل، أوافقك الرأي
أتسائل إذا كان الاسرائليون يستمعون إلى ألحانهم

GayVisionFromMorocco. said...

أأكد لك انهم يستمعون ويستوعبون دلالات التقاسيم فالفرقة تغير العديد من التصورات وبيان حقيقة

fouad said...

Hello Najlae,

Excellent choice. The Joubran brothers are great musicians and their albums are a delight for both the ear and the heart. I saw them in concert few months ago (I posted a piece on that along with some photos on my blog) and it was really fantastic. And judging by the mix of people who attended the concert I can say yes isrealis do listen to them and many non arabs are very sensitive to their music. Since they will be performing in Morocco don't miss them.

Najlae said...

gayvision> je te crois..

Fouad> je me disais bien que j'en avais déjçà entendu parler qq part :) lucky you. I hope i can see their performance live. Glad their art is known in Israel.