Thursday, August 25, 2005

Morning ping-pong

- "Oh, this is quotable!", said my friend K.
- "What? That living in the US is just like an eternal beginning?"
- "Yes, I never thought of it this way. But it's true that my summer abroad makes me feel the same way".
- Isn't it weird that I just spend two months in Morocco and I have to do it all again, just like a year ago: find a new house, buy all the furniture, get used to the neighborhood, the brands at the supermarket, the mailbox, the keys, the neighbors...?
- Yeah, indeed. I have to go through the same things myself.
- What stresses me is people. You have to go through the whole process again, after the "hey, whassup? Good to see you"
- Um, and all the fake "nice to see you" and all the fake hugs that I'm gonna give today. Argh.
- You don't have to if you don't want to! You can be polite without being hypocrite!
- No...It's hard. It's rude.
- No, it's not. Anyway, I will never understand you guys.


laseine said...

And evry day is the first day of the rest of your life. Just make it what you want it to be

laseine said...

And every day ...

hey Najlae,

Q1: What role does time play in your life ?
Q2: How is your project lifetime ?
Q3: What is the significance of “more” in your life ?
Q4: What will you do with your accumulates writing ?
Q5: What are the folds of holy picture reflection and where do they overlap themselves with textures of the environment?
Q6: How does your project explore the physical and/or symbolic possibilities of your accumulates writing ?

Najlae said...

Q4> My writing? J'en sais rien. C'est rien d'elabore,c'est juste mes tkharbiqates mentales quotidiennes.
Q5> pas compris.sorry.
Q1> Time is my obsession.We don't get enough of it. Je me sens comme vivant dans un sablier.
Q3> More? mmmmh dures,tes questions
Q6> I have no project.really.
Q2> I wanna become a good journalist. Where? how? when? I have no idea.