Saturday, May 14, 2005

Blood connection

So, today, we have an open house at the J-School. A lot of relatives, proud parents, happy girlfriends and boyfriends and..great food, hehe. It made me think that it's really the end of the 2nd years' school life. It made me sad. I am also very sensitive to the family stuff: parents looking at projects, listening to radio reports, admiring some pictures. There was some great work, amazing, really.
"So, yes, this is what I'm doing after all the money you spent to raise me"
"This is why I'm taking all this loans"
"Every single word I wrote is gratitude to you"
"Wherever you like it or not, it's me, in my excellence and mediocrity"

Many left careers in business or in engineering for this job. Nobody can tell if it was worth it.

I remembered one of my friends, a reporter from Morocco, who told me: "my mother has never been to school, she can't read me but she puts my stories under her pillow and sleeps".

Tomorrow, at the real graduation, I will cry.

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