Monday, May 16, 2005

Friedman and the truffles

Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd from the Times came to my school. They were both on a conversation with Cynthia Gorney and Mark Danner, it was really interesting. Although I have my opinions about Friedman and I certainly don't agree with his positions, I think he's smart and has good taste for Italian shoes. I have a smile on my face when I recall the days when I used to read him on Asharq Al Awsat, and I still do sometimes. It intrigues me how this guy has three Pullitzer prizes. But that's another story...
As for Maureen, she's really hot, I understand any source in D.C. would be more than happy to give her information for her column. She has this sarcasm that I particularly like. Her speech for our graduation party yesterday was well-written but she hits too much on W. Mistake: on ne prêche pas des convaincus; surtout à Berkeley...
Both talked a lot about journalism, ethics, careers, etc. Made me think about my own choices.
Nothing's wrong with all I am taught here, although it's a little bit obvious. The only thing is: how do I see myself using this in the future? When I see Aarchane and how he behaved with Driss, I just realize that good journalism is like truffles...for dunkies.

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Flying_Monkeys said...

Hey, I was reading thru ur blog. So you like Dowd too! I really love her columns too. As for Friedman, I share your views too. I think he's smart and masters his writings so well. But I can always smell some sort of an agenda behind his articles. He deserves the Pulitzer though, I think!

I also like Seymour Hirsh and Frank Rich. It's really a great chance that you got there at Berkeley.