Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Today is double-Eid for me. I wish I was in Morocco to celebrate Eid with my family but I admit that I wish more I was in Salt Lake City with two very special people to celebrate the birthday of my oh-so-dear Mazin.
I'm so thankful to have these two very special people in my life. I'll never say thank you enough for all you've done for me. I'm just a spoiled princess :)
3ouqbal alf sana dear! May God give you all you wish in this life...and more.


jooj said...

My dear Najlae, I'm very flattered that we actually compare to spending Eid in wonderful Morroco!
Who knows, maybe one day we'll spend Eid all together in Casa or Rabat with you :D .
You are greatly missed here! Can't wait to see you soon.
xoxo, J

Mazin said...

Thank you so much dear. 7amdillah I have much better than anything I could wish for, the two best friends anyone could ask for.

Next time Inshallah we spend all our birthdays together, they're close enough together. A trip maybe, no trees I promise :p.